What Makes Pouliot Real Estate Different

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We are a brokerage – one that operates as a team that believes in growth, grit, passion and most of all, we believe in our agents. Here’s a few reasons we are different than your average brokerage:

What we are NOT:

  • A brokerage where you become just a number.
    We have a small team for a reason; we want to be able to focus on YOU, help YOU grow and build a successful business and make sure that we are serving you just as we would a client.
  • A brokerage that nickels & dimes you for every service.
    Yes, we offer services to our agents, but those services rarely come with a cost – simply because we believe that the more we can empower you and give you the best tools in the business, the more successful you will become.
  • A stale agency that refuses to innovate.
    It’s 2022, there are more tools and technology offerings out there for Realtors than we can count, and we want you to have the best. That’s why we are constantly looking to the future and making sure that we are ahead of the game in everything from prospecting, transaction coordination to marketing and even our back end systems.
  • An agency that brings on just any agent.
    We don’t hire just anyone: we look specifically to find those who will fit well on our team and who is willing to implement our systems to become a more successful agent. Agents at Pouliot Real Estate are those who are driven, work their business full time, are willing to do what it takes to grow and are open to accountability and coaching. If that sounds like you – let’s have a conversation!
  • An agency that doesn’t offer you services for the commission split we receive.
    There are a lot of brokerages out there that just collect their piece of the pie and say have a nice day – that’s not us. We have an entire slate of offerings for our agents, and because we are small we can cater to and design that slate specifically to YOU as an agent. When we collect our side of the commission, it’s because we also put the work in to make it happen. 
  • Owners that don’t give you an opportunity to partake in decision making.
    We take the word TEAM very seriously. Of course there are some decisions that as leaders we need to make on our own, but the majority of decisions that affect the team members will be brought to the team for discussion first. This means everyone on our team from administration to agents to owners partake in what our future looks like as an agency.
  • Leaders that don’t know how to coach you through a shifting market.
    We’ve been there, done that. Our leadership team has seen a few market shifts of our own and we are prepared to help you through them as well. But, we aren’t alone. We’ve actually stepped up our game and hired coaches to help us make good, sound decisions and thrive during the shifting markets – and we offer that same service to our agents, too! You’ll benefit from trainings, one-on-one meetings to strategize and we are always here if you have concerns. 

We are proud of what we do here at Pouliot Real Estate, and we hope you found this information useful. If you are interested in learning how this might benefit you, email heather@pouliotrealestate.com!